Davis Video Services

Davis Video Services

214 J Street

Davis, CA  95617

530 753 4495


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Davis Video Services
214 J street
Davis, CA 95616
530 753-4495

We offer a range of video services from event video, sporting games, a family or
friend in a baseball game that you wish to have a  professional video.

We also do wedding video, and specialized video production.

In addition we will duplicate VHS or DVD or transfer from other media to digital
format.  We can transfer from VHS to DVD, or super 8mm to DVD, or CVHS to DVD. $10 per
each DVD, and $2 per each 2nd copy, or digital copy, AVI or MOV or any format best for you.
We also work with the small DV tapes to DVD and digital file, AVI or MOV.  Turn around time is 1 to 7
days, depending how complex the transfer is.  

Bulk discounts, over 25 tapes, are 50% for 26 tape unlimited. 

First 25 tapes $10 per conversion either dvd or digital, each tape after 25,  $5 per conversion.  $2 per additional dvd, or digital. 

Our location on site cost is $95 per hour.  For weddings or sporting events, or any on site
video services.  We usually do a half day or full day package. We can do some edit work,  we mostly focus on raw footage. 

Open Monday to Friday  9am -8pm
Saturday  &  Sunday  9am to 7pm  
closed on  Thanksgiving & day after,  Christmas & day after ,  New Years & day after, also closed on  May 23. 

Below are some examples of video work.   2013 Art Walk Davis CA

​Second is the Rock Band ZZ Tush performing January 27, 2017